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JM Brook Ltd warehouse management solutions

Fixing your common supply chain issues

WeI know for some small business owners, thinking about your supply chain is something you’d rather not do.

However, that’s exactly why you should do it. Because most small businesses ignore this particular part of their business, it leaves a massive competitive advantage to those who already optimise their supply chains.

Strategy alignment – We make sure your business strategy aligns perfectly with your supply chain strategy. Not getting this right in the supply chain means nothing else works.

Poor supply chain strategy – We work with you to make sure you have a good supply chain strategy, by thinking about your customer and making sure your supply chain strategy is something that your customer actually values and not something that YOU value.

Delegating responsibility – We enable your team to adopt your supply chain strategy. We work with you to find ways to delegate responsibility and motivate and empower your team.

Poor communication and customer supplier relationships – We work with you to maximise the benefits from good supplier relationships and make best use of technologies. We ensure clear levels of understanding between all parties and enable lean supply chains. Good communication is key to strong and effective supplier and customer relationships.

Integrated Warehouse Managment System

Integrated Warehouse Mangement System

IWMS is a subscription based, simple online warehouse management system specifically designed for the small to medium size warehouse/logistics operation.

JM Brook Ltd provides implimentation services involving the deployment of IWMS into new warehouse environments, or to provide support in optimising an existing operation and supply chain.

Consider the overall business strategy – Review or help you develop your supply chain strategy to best describe the business operations and extended supply chain needed and to ensure your supply chain strategy and business strategies are joined up and make sense together.

Map out and assess your supply chain – Once we have identified your business strategy, we need to take a close look at your internal capabilities and the capabilities of your extended supply chain to make sure that you have the capabilities to achieve your strategy. We need to map out your internal processes and then the processes of your extended supply chain.

Develop an implementation plan – Once we have a supply chain strategy we will help you to accomplish your logistics objectives, through the implimentation Konnex WMS, any training identified (konnex or operational), process management, KPI and performance management.

Why managing your supply chain is important

Reduced supply chain costs - If you have never even considered how your supply chain looks, it’s likely that your supply chain costs are too high. By effectively managing your supply chain you can gradually bring down your supply chain costs as well as reduce the risk of costly breakdowns in your supply chain.

More resources to spend elsewhere- If you reduce your supply chain costs, you have more money to spend elsewhere.

Improved operations management - A healthy supply chain is a stable supply chain. A stable supply chain means that operations management should become more efficient and effective.

Improved overall business functions - A healthy supply chain doesn’t just make operations management more efficient, it has an impact on all of the business functions throughout your organisation.

Happier customers - A better supply chain makes it possible to deliver quality products to your customers in a shorter period of time

Logistics Management Solutions

Providing Logistics management support for small and medium size warehouse and logistics operations. 

Supporting the implementation of WMS solutions for Konnexus Ltd in the set up and optimisation of IWMS, the simple on-line warehouse management system. 

Providing effective warehouse management solutions, Logistics strategies, face to face IWMS training..

When was the last time you looked at your businesses supply chain?


It is a fact that most small business owners neglect or don't even think about their supply chain, because it's considered either a waste of time or is perceived to cost too much.

The reality is small business supply chains actually have a significant impact on your business ranging from customer satisfaction to resource and cash flow.

Managing your supply chain effectively improves cash flow, reduces overhead and resource, improves your competitive advantage and most importantly of all, improves customer satisfaction.

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